Session 7

Travok and Frea went off to find whiskey, and after the group had rested overnight in the city, they left the next morning to go check on an old woman who lives on her own in the forest. The forest in which she lives quickly becomes frightening and when the group arrives at a clearing with Granny’s small cottage in it they notice pretty heavy illusions. Travok knocks on the door and when Granny opens the door it dispels the illusions. Granny is kindly and give everyone tea and cookies and asks that we look into some fish people up by a pond that have been bothering her some. After spending the night at Granny’s cottage, everyone heads out the next morning to find the pond and the fish people.

Up at the pond, which is really more of a series of connected ponds. Penthe and Anemos find tracks of the sahuagin (the fish people) leading up further into the valley and the group follows them. Between the two ponds the group encounters seven of the sahuagin, one of whom is a magic user. During battle Penthe was wounded enough to fall unconscious. Following combat Frea managed to stabilize him with some help from Anemos and Travok and they all moved away from the water to allow Penthe to rest. While taking a short rest there was an increase in activity down by the water.

Anemos and Frea went around to scout out what was happening below. After reporting their observations to Travok and Penthe it was decided to try and ambush the approaching sehuagin. Frea turned into a tree to hide while Penthe helped the others hide in bushes until the sehuagin patrol approached. Penthe and Anemos took out one fish man in the surprise round while Frea blasted the sehuagin magic-user off of his mount (a large rage drake). Travok mysteriously falls unconscious during the middle of battle, leaving the others to finish off their opponents, with Anemos awesomely cleaving the last remaining fish man in two. Then everyone retreats to camp to take an extended rest.

Session 6

During a night of resting in the cave, the wounded elf woke up and asked for water. In the morning he told the party his name was Leif Froststep and he was a merchant from over the mountains who was travelling to the City of Light. The party continues its ride back toward the staging area with Leif riding Penthe’s horse as he recovered.

Reaching the staging area, the party reported to the Commanding Officer. Frea then proceeded to get drunk with two of the sentries at the camp. Leif was questioned by the commander and eventually released to go on his way. The next (late) morning the party left the staging area to return to the City of Light. On the way back they found Leif’s pack abandoned along the road with no Leif in sight. A note was pinned to the pack reading “Loose Lips Kill Dragons.” Inside the pack were several severed heads, all of which the party recognizes at least vaguely as members of other patrols. Travok and Anemos took the bag of heads and went to report to the staging area while Frea, Penthe, and Zjhael followed Leif’s tracks, whose speed was magically aided, which allowed him to get back to the staging area ahead of the party. When we arrived at the staging area everyone was very recently dead. Frea was able to magically track Leif’s footgear, sending the Party (minus Travok and Anemos who were left at the Staging Area) after him in a beeline toward the Dwarven Mountains. After some endurance riding we came upon Leif conferring with a human, an orc, and a fury elf.

Penthe rode at them and acrobatically flipped off his horse to confront the foursome, although Leif’s crazy special armor rebuffed his attack as well as the attack from Zjhael’s spirit panther. The orc charged at Zjhael but missed, allowing her the opportunity to strike at him with her spear. Leif commands the others to attack while he flees. The fury elf under his command refers to Leif as Odius. The human magic user blasted Zjhael and Penthe with fire, scorching a large patch of earth and knocking both prone. Zjhael’s stalking spirit pounces upon and playfully tears apart the fury elf. The kitty then licked his jaws contentedly after feasting on the mangled corpse of the fury elf. Penthe then took out the magic user.

Returning to the City of Light, Zjhael, Penthe, and Frea make their report to Dugal Sturnhap. The group is then dispatched by Dugal on special assignment in a more long-term mission into the field along with a sending stone for making weekly reports. Afterward we totaled our collective loot and Frea asked around to find the best places for trading or selling all of our stuff. First the party went to Steve-Eddie’s Wondrous Item Emporium and asked around about different items. After that came the Pommel, which was full of weapons. Zjhael traded her catstep boots for a totemic long spear and Penthe traded his short sword of frost for a resounding long sword. Going back to Steve-Eddie’s but didn’t buy anything there. A fourth, smaller shop got the party a bag of holding for 70% of the loot. Frea sold the flask of snake venom to a member of the Silent Militia for 120 gold.

Session 5


In the evening it was decided that the group would follow the tracks of the raiders back toward the mountains for a few days. Penthe was able to find their tracks and discern much from them. Camp was made at night once it became too dark to see that night. The next day there were signs of small campsites along the trail, but no residual magic or traps along the way. A few days later the party stumbled across a town (Spearfish) that had been severely damaged recently.

Within the town Travok identified the remains of several burnt corpses as the people he had originally travelled with. The decision was quickly made to return to the staging area to make a report on both towns.

On the way home, a voice was heard calling for help through the woods. Following the voice, the party came to the mouth of a cave and were ambushed by two humans, an orc and a spiteling. After killing the orc, the spiteling, and one of the humans, the final human ran toward the cave.

“TEEEEEEEDDDDDD!!!!!!” Shouted the surviving human as he fled.

Following him into the cave, Anemos quickly slew him before he could make it through a door attached to the natural rock passageway of the caves. Following one passageway into an empty room, the group decided to try the other passageway, which led into a larger cavern. Sneaking quietly across the room, a shuffling, scuffing sound was heard toward the rear of the room. Anemos peeked around the corner only to see a vampire drinking the blood of a bound and unconscious elf. Anemos was caught in the vampire’s gaze and dominated. After attacking and bloodying the vampire, it instantly turned into mist and fled. After returning the unconscious elf to Travok and Zjhael who would watch out for him, Anemos, Penthe, and Frea explored the first passageway in more depth.

In a chamber containing a cot, barrels of water and a table, marks were found on the table that seemed to indicate that a map had been placed on the table before, but was currently missing. Beyond that chamber there was a hallway with traps that Frea disabled, leading to a dirt floored chamber. After digging in the corner, Anemos unearthed a chest containing Catstep Boots, a short sword of frost, and bracers of mighty striking. After that there was more resting and Frea got to sleep on the cot.

Session 4

Searching the last section of town, Anemos let out a terrible roar in an attempt to flush out any remaining monsters or enemies. Much of the search was unremarkable, although Frea sensed something magical back toward the center of the town. Penthe, accompanied by Anemos, found a lone orc hiding in a small upstairs, afraid of another patrol that had passed through the town three days earlier, heading away from the Dwarven Mountains. After leaving the orc alone to hide the party headed back toward the center of town to hunt down the magical presence, only to find the obelisk was now emitting some remenants of older destructive magic that had been cast on it more than ten days ago but less than a year ago.

While resting that night, Zjhael heard animal noises that were actually others observing the party and communicating using nature sound. After waking up her companions, Zjhael, Anemos, Frea, and Penthe snuck out of their building, leaving Travok behind to distract their watchers by wearing the maid costume and dancing in front of a window.

Storming the building where their watcher was hiding, Penthe, Anemos and Zjhael found a spiteling just as he jumped backward out of a second story window. Penthe dove after him but failed to catch him. The spiteling hit the ground, only to be attacked and pulled forward by Frea while Anemos followed out the window and Zjhael charged down the stairs.


Then something exploded in the direction of the party’s campsite and the spiteling fled in that direction. Anemos ran after him and grabbed him by the hair, lifting the flailing creature off of the ground. The spiteling soon escaped and was joined by an orc and an ire dwarf. In the middle of battle a fury elf joined its evil compatriots. After they were all defeated (and thoroughly looted) it was discovered that the obelisk had been reduced to rubble, but Travok was alive and well and still wearing the maid’s costume.

Frank Was Here.

Session 3
Exploring the Village

Our heroes had rested in the town hall, having finished clearing it of dangerous wildlife and the ghostly remains of a mage.

Now, it was time for them to explore further. They began with the stone buildings forming the central ring of the town; the town hall and smithy were already known, and another tall building proved to have a trapped door in the highest level. Frea was able to disable the trap and clamber to the roof through a window in the disappointingly-empty room; from that vantage point, she could see that holes had been punched in several of the surrounding buildings’ roofs. The holes formed a signal that this tall stone building had been used as a stopping point for the Adversary’s scouts. Meanwhile, the rest of the party determined that the empty room had been used as a safehouse – there were the remains of a repeated fire, and signs of access through the windows (which would have avoided the now-disabled trap.)

Continuing further – through the second ring of wooden structures – uncovered a pair of rather nasty-looking snakes, whose meat and venom were collected. Then the party split to cover the larger area of the outer ring of thatched buildings.

Travok and Frea explored the western area and found some guard houses in good structural condition. The interiors had been gutted, but the buildings themselves might serve well. (A small band of goblins inside kindly donated the bloodied remains of their gear.) The only other structure of note was a livery stable in very poor condition.

Anemos and Zjhael took the eastern area and located a long hall with four zombies inside. It quickly became a long hall with Anemos and Zjhael inside. (The barbarian made the last two zombies into zombie bits in a sudden surge of epic critical insanity. Then he ate some snakemeat.)

Then the party gathered again at the town hall to eat the delightful four-course meal that Penthe had put together while wearing a cute little maid outfit, surprisingly provided by Travok, who has promised to wear it next time he cooks – whether the rest of the party appreciates it or not.

Session 2
A Dwarf, a Hall, and some Teeth

Having reassembled the remains of the memorial obelisk, our party of four heroes were pleased to find their fifth. Travok, a dwarf fighter, arrived as a dispatch from an overstaffed group that had been sent on a similar mission.

Now that the party was fully assembled, it was time to start scouting: would this town be a good place for a watch garrison? The best structure available was the town hall, a tall stone building in the town square, overlooking the obelisk. Travok showed that he had not been raised in a barn and irritated Penthe to no end by knocking loudly on the front door, and on each door thereafter, before entering. Inside the hall were a variety of squatters – rats, spiders, and lizards – all of which needed eviction (and none of which were surprised by the party’s arrival.)

The lizards proved most interesting because of how they were cleared out; Anemos went into a rage and demolished the entire swarm, finishing off by tearing away the scarf around his face and taking a large bite of fresh lizardflesh. His disturbingly wide mouth and sharp teeth revealed, the party had a very brief discussion of trustworthiness in the face of miscegenetic heritage. After resolving this touchy moral issue, they nonchalantly continued upstairs.

The single large room at the top of the building was ominous indeed, but Travok, nettled by Penthe’s continuing chastisements, finally did the party proud by bursting suddenly through the large doors. Inside was a collection of cobwebs, and a giant jumping spider. After removing these impediments, a corpse was found – and its owner, a ghost, as well.

Once that was dealt with, the robe worn by the corpse was found to be a magical one, and the attic above this large room proved to be the barricaded residence of the deceased mage. With the building secure, the party decided to call it a day, and meditate on their recent experiences. (Ding, level two!)

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