Session 2

A Dwarf, a Hall, and some Teeth

Having reassembled the remains of the memorial obelisk, our party of four heroes were pleased to find their fifth. Travok, a dwarf fighter, arrived as a dispatch from an overstaffed group that had been sent on a similar mission.

Now that the party was fully assembled, it was time to start scouting: would this town be a good place for a watch garrison? The best structure available was the town hall, a tall stone building in the town square, overlooking the obelisk. Travok showed that he had not been raised in a barn and irritated Penthe to no end by knocking loudly on the front door, and on each door thereafter, before entering. Inside the hall were a variety of squatters – rats, spiders, and lizards – all of which needed eviction (and none of which were surprised by the party’s arrival.)

The lizards proved most interesting because of how they were cleared out; Anemos went into a rage and demolished the entire swarm, finishing off by tearing away the scarf around his face and taking a large bite of fresh lizardflesh. His disturbingly wide mouth and sharp teeth revealed, the party had a very brief discussion of trustworthiness in the face of miscegenetic heritage. After resolving this touchy moral issue, they nonchalantly continued upstairs.

The single large room at the top of the building was ominous indeed, but Travok, nettled by Penthe’s continuing chastisements, finally did the party proud by bursting suddenly through the large doors. Inside was a collection of cobwebs, and a giant jumping spider. After removing these impediments, a corpse was found – and its owner, a ghost, as well.

Once that was dealt with, the robe worn by the corpse was found to be a magical one, and the attic above this large room proved to be the barricaded residence of the deceased mage. With the building secure, the party decided to call it a day, and meditate on their recent experiences. (Ding, level two!)


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