Session 3

Exploring the Village

Our heroes had rested in the town hall, having finished clearing it of dangerous wildlife and the ghostly remains of a mage.

Now, it was time for them to explore further. They began with the stone buildings forming the central ring of the town; the town hall and smithy were already known, and another tall building proved to have a trapped door in the highest level. Frea was able to disable the trap and clamber to the roof through a window in the disappointingly-empty room; from that vantage point, she could see that holes had been punched in several of the surrounding buildings’ roofs. The holes formed a signal that this tall stone building had been used as a stopping point for the Adversary’s scouts. Meanwhile, the rest of the party determined that the empty room had been used as a safehouse – there were the remains of a repeated fire, and signs of access through the windows (which would have avoided the now-disabled trap.)

Continuing further – through the second ring of wooden structures – uncovered a pair of rather nasty-looking snakes, whose meat and venom were collected. Then the party split to cover the larger area of the outer ring of thatched buildings.

Travok and Frea explored the western area and found some guard houses in good structural condition. The interiors had been gutted, but the buildings themselves might serve well. (A small band of goblins inside kindly donated the bloodied remains of their gear.) The only other structure of note was a livery stable in very poor condition.

Anemos and Zjhael took the eastern area and located a long hall with four zombies inside. It quickly became a long hall with Anemos and Zjhael inside. (The barbarian made the last two zombies into zombie bits in a sudden surge of epic critical insanity. Then he ate some snakemeat.)

Then the party gathered again at the town hall to eat the delightful four-course meal that Penthe had put together while wearing a cute little maid outfit, surprisingly provided by Travok, who has promised to wear it next time he cooks – whether the rest of the party appreciates it or not.


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