Session 4

Searching the last section of town, Anemos let out a terrible roar in an attempt to flush out any remaining monsters or enemies. Much of the search was unremarkable, although Frea sensed something magical back toward the center of the town. Penthe, accompanied by Anemos, found a lone orc hiding in a small upstairs, afraid of another patrol that had passed through the town three days earlier, heading away from the Dwarven Mountains. After leaving the orc alone to hide the party headed back toward the center of town to hunt down the magical presence, only to find the obelisk was now emitting some remenants of older destructive magic that had been cast on it more than ten days ago but less than a year ago.

While resting that night, Zjhael heard animal noises that were actually others observing the party and communicating using nature sound. After waking up her companions, Zjhael, Anemos, Frea, and Penthe snuck out of their building, leaving Travok behind to distract their watchers by wearing the maid costume and dancing in front of a window.

Storming the building where their watcher was hiding, Penthe, Anemos and Zjhael found a spiteling just as he jumped backward out of a second story window. Penthe dove after him but failed to catch him. The spiteling hit the ground, only to be attacked and pulled forward by Frea while Anemos followed out the window and Zjhael charged down the stairs.


Then something exploded in the direction of the party’s campsite and the spiteling fled in that direction. Anemos ran after him and grabbed him by the hair, lifting the flailing creature off of the ground. The spiteling soon escaped and was joined by an orc and an ire dwarf. In the middle of battle a fury elf joined its evil compatriots. After they were all defeated (and thoroughly looted) it was discovered that the obelisk had been reduced to rubble, but Travok was alive and well and still wearing the maid’s costume.

Frank Was Here.


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