Session 5


In the evening it was decided that the group would follow the tracks of the raiders back toward the mountains for a few days. Penthe was able to find their tracks and discern much from them. Camp was made at night once it became too dark to see that night. The next day there were signs of small campsites along the trail, but no residual magic or traps along the way. A few days later the party stumbled across a town (Spearfish) that had been severely damaged recently.

Within the town Travok identified the remains of several burnt corpses as the people he had originally travelled with. The decision was quickly made to return to the staging area to make a report on both towns.

On the way home, a voice was heard calling for help through the woods. Following the voice, the party came to the mouth of a cave and were ambushed by two humans, an orc and a spiteling. After killing the orc, the spiteling, and one of the humans, the final human ran toward the cave.

“TEEEEEEEDDDDDD!!!!!!” Shouted the surviving human as he fled.

Following him into the cave, Anemos quickly slew him before he could make it through a door attached to the natural rock passageway of the caves. Following one passageway into an empty room, the group decided to try the other passageway, which led into a larger cavern. Sneaking quietly across the room, a shuffling, scuffing sound was heard toward the rear of the room. Anemos peeked around the corner only to see a vampire drinking the blood of a bound and unconscious elf. Anemos was caught in the vampire’s gaze and dominated. After attacking and bloodying the vampire, it instantly turned into mist and fled. After returning the unconscious elf to Travok and Zjhael who would watch out for him, Anemos, Penthe, and Frea explored the first passageway in more depth.

In a chamber containing a cot, barrels of water and a table, marks were found on the table that seemed to indicate that a map had been placed on the table before, but was currently missing. Beyond that chamber there was a hallway with traps that Frea disabled, leading to a dirt floored chamber. After digging in the corner, Anemos unearthed a chest containing Catstep Boots, a short sword of frost, and bracers of mighty striking. After that there was more resting and Frea got to sleep on the cot.


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