Session 6

During a night of resting in the cave, the wounded elf woke up and asked for water. In the morning he told the party his name was Leif Froststep and he was a merchant from over the mountains who was travelling to the City of Light. The party continues its ride back toward the staging area with Leif riding Penthe’s horse as he recovered.

Reaching the staging area, the party reported to the Commanding Officer. Frea then proceeded to get drunk with two of the sentries at the camp. Leif was questioned by the commander and eventually released to go on his way. The next (late) morning the party left the staging area to return to the City of Light. On the way back they found Leif’s pack abandoned along the road with no Leif in sight. A note was pinned to the pack reading “Loose Lips Kill Dragons.” Inside the pack were several severed heads, all of which the party recognizes at least vaguely as members of other patrols. Travok and Anemos took the bag of heads and went to report to the staging area while Frea, Penthe, and Zjhael followed Leif’s tracks, whose speed was magically aided, which allowed him to get back to the staging area ahead of the party. When we arrived at the staging area everyone was very recently dead. Frea was able to magically track Leif’s footgear, sending the Party (minus Travok and Anemos who were left at the Staging Area) after him in a beeline toward the Dwarven Mountains. After some endurance riding we came upon Leif conferring with a human, an orc, and a fury elf.

Penthe rode at them and acrobatically flipped off his horse to confront the foursome, although Leif’s crazy special armor rebuffed his attack as well as the attack from Zjhael’s spirit panther. The orc charged at Zjhael but missed, allowing her the opportunity to strike at him with her spear. Leif commands the others to attack while he flees. The fury elf under his command refers to Leif as Odius. The human magic user blasted Zjhael and Penthe with fire, scorching a large patch of earth and knocking both prone. Zjhael’s stalking spirit pounces upon and playfully tears apart the fury elf. The kitty then licked his jaws contentedly after feasting on the mangled corpse of the fury elf. Penthe then took out the magic user.

Returning to the City of Light, Zjhael, Penthe, and Frea make their report to Dugal Sturnhap. The group is then dispatched by Dugal on special assignment in a more long-term mission into the field along with a sending stone for making weekly reports. Afterward we totaled our collective loot and Frea asked around to find the best places for trading or selling all of our stuff. First the party went to Steve-Eddie’s Wondrous Item Emporium and asked around about different items. After that came the Pommel, which was full of weapons. Zjhael traded her catstep boots for a totemic long spear and Penthe traded his short sword of frost for a resounding long sword. Going back to Steve-Eddie’s but didn’t buy anything there. A fourth, smaller shop got the party a bag of holding for 70% of the loot. Frea sold the flask of snake venom to a member of the Silent Militia for 120 gold.


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