Session 7

Travok and Frea went off to find whiskey, and after the group had rested overnight in the city, they left the next morning to go check on an old woman who lives on her own in the forest. The forest in which she lives quickly becomes frightening and when the group arrives at a clearing with Granny’s small cottage in it they notice pretty heavy illusions. Travok knocks on the door and when Granny opens the door it dispels the illusions. Granny is kindly and give everyone tea and cookies and asks that we look into some fish people up by a pond that have been bothering her some. After spending the night at Granny’s cottage, everyone heads out the next morning to find the pond and the fish people.

Up at the pond, which is really more of a series of connected ponds. Penthe and Anemos find tracks of the sahuagin (the fish people) leading up further into the valley and the group follows them. Between the two ponds the group encounters seven of the sahuagin, one of whom is a magic user. During battle Penthe was wounded enough to fall unconscious. Following combat Frea managed to stabilize him with some help from Anemos and Travok and they all moved away from the water to allow Penthe to rest. While taking a short rest there was an increase in activity down by the water.

Anemos and Frea went around to scout out what was happening below. After reporting their observations to Travok and Penthe it was decided to try and ambush the approaching sehuagin. Frea turned into a tree to hide while Penthe helped the others hide in bushes until the sehuagin patrol approached. Penthe and Anemos took out one fish man in the surprise round while Frea blasted the sehuagin magic-user off of his mount (a large rage drake). Travok mysteriously falls unconscious during the middle of battle, leaving the others to finish off their opponents, with Anemos awesomely cleaving the last remaining fish man in two. Then everyone retreats to camp to take an extended rest.


letum13 Brit

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